3 simple ways to raise confident kids

3 Simple Ways to Inspire Confidence In Your Child

Raising Confident Kids!

This can be a touchy subject for some. Is it for you? It is something that maybe we don't think about on a conscious level, but is something that we should. The reason why it is hard to think about for our kids, is that, on some level, it starts with making sure we are confident, first. Oh boy. Me, confident? I struggle with this often. So, raising confident kids is something that I have to consistently remind myself of and the importance of what I am about to share with you. 

First Things First

So, first things first, get rid of the junk you tell yourself, that you are not good enough. YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH! God made you and God made you a parent/guardian/teacher for a reason. You are meant for the role you play to your children. One of the most important ways to inspire confidence in our children, is to model confidence in ourselves. This can be challenging, especially if you had a rough upbringing, abusive family, or no one who "modeled" confidence for you. So you may be feeling like you are starting from scratch. YOU CAN DO THIS! Model confidence and you will see your children bloom and blossom right before your eyes.


Secondly, PLAY!

This may seem trivial, but let me go deeper and explain why this is so important. But, first I have a quick question for you: What is the most important thing that playing with our children produces? Stop, and think about it. I will give you another minute. Okay, did you think of it? Yes, connections! Connection is key. If kids don't feel connected or bonded to a respected adult, they will have a hard time growing and developing in a healthy way. The stronger of a connection a child has to their parent or other role model, the more confident they will be, as they grow. Play produces connection, produces smiles, laughter, fun...and love. When you get down on their level, sit on the floor, look them in the eyes, talk with them, ask them questions, and just be totally present, this is where connection happens. This is where love is shown. This is where they start to develop confidence in themselves and realize how valuable and precious they are. So, if you are concerned about your child's level of confidence for themselves, grab their favorite toy, or grab our Wooden Numbers Stacking Game and go PLAY! 

Wooden Numbers Building Blocks Game for kids

Third Way To Inspire Confidence

Okay, this one plays naturally off of the second way to inspire confidence (play), but it is important, none-the-less. The third way to inspire confidence is something that might come as a surprise to you: SILLY PLAY! Silly play is certainly important when talking about the well being of our kids. This, to me, might be one of the most fun parts of being a parent, but at the same time, one of the most challenging, because sometimes it can seem unnatural, depending on your personality. Silly play involves us letting our guards down, putting away our insecurities for a bit, and just being. This involves not being afraid to look goofy, to "act childish", and to remember what it was like to be a kid! Of course, there are limits, and safety is of course a huge priority, but we are talking about just being silly, not dangerous. If your child watches you act silly and enjoying yourself, they will see that they can do the same thing...have confidence that they can be themselves.

I can remember numerous times that we dressed up as super heroes and ran around the house with the kids, or the times we ran around throwing water balloons, or had a dance party just to release some energy and laugh! Silly play is essential in raising confident kids! Follow us on Instagram for lots of play ideas @funlearngrowco!

 Three Simple Ways To Inspire Confidence In Our Kids

Three simple ways:

1. Model confidence

2. Play

3. Silly play

We would love to hear how you are inspiring confidence with your kids! 

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