Celebrating Educators: Thoughtful Gifts for Teachers That Make a Difference

Celebrating Educators: Thoughtful Gifts for Teachers That Make a Difference

Recognizing Hardwork

We want to extend a warm appreciation for teachers! They have a vital role in shaping young minds. It is important that we honor these hardworking individuals as they sacrifice so much in order for our kids to grow and become the best version of themselves. Teacher help our kids grow their self-confidence, creativity, and their love of learning! 

Do you have a favorite teacher that you will never forget?

I think we all have a story of our favorite teacher. Mine was fourth grade, her name was Mrs. D. She was a sweet lady with white hair and big curls. She loved to give out prizes, but along with that, she just seemed so genuine, so sweet, so caring, and just loved her kids...I mean students. But I am pretty sure she treated us just like she would her own kids, with love and understanding. I am so thankful for Mrs. D and all she did for me and all of her other students. I would not have a love of learning as much as I do, if it was not for her. Who was your favorite teacher?

Showing gratitude towards our teachers

Teachers have such a challenging job these days. They are more than just teachers, they are playing the role of caregiver, mental health specialist, counselor, nurse, and more. It is important to show gratitude towards our kids' teachers. How do you show gratitude? Not quite sure the best way to thank a teacher? Well, we have a surprise for you! We have been collaborating with Amanda from Mugs by Manda to bring you the most epic teacher appreciation bundle! Amanda is a former Montessori teacher, turned homeschool mom and I am a homeschool mom (going on 13 years)! We have made coordinating mugs and personalized notecards to make a unique and meaningful gift for your child's teacher!

Details on the mug include:

❤️White ceramic Mug
❤️Size - 12fl oz and 15fl oz
❤️Lead and BPA-free

Our personalized notecards come with a set of 12 flat notecards, 12 envelopes, kraft storage box, and a complementary multi-color pen! 

Unique and meaningful teacher appreciation gift bundle with matching mug and personalized notecards!

Thoughtful and meaningful gift for the teacher in your child's life!

Bundling these two gifts make for a thoughtful and practical gift. They will absolutely get used! The mug can be used to drink their morning fuel or it can be an adorable pencil/pen holder for their desk! The personalized notecards coordinate with the mug and are made special for each teacher, with their name printed on them. You can customize the notecards to say: Mrs. D, Miss D, Ms. Diane, etc.! Every time the teacher uses these gifts, they will know how much they are loved and will be able to display that love right back to his/her students.This added personal touch elevates the appreciation gesture. 

Here is how one of our recipients responded to their personalized gifts, 

"As an educator, receiving personalized gifts from my students is a heartwarming experience. It goes beyond the material aspect; it signifies a connection and appreciation that fuels my passion for teaching. Knowing that my students and their parents took the time to choose something specifically for me makes all the late nights and challenges worthwhile. These personalized tokens of gratitude not only brighten my classroom but also inspire me to continue making a positive impact on the lives of the young minds I have the privilege of teaching."

-Grateful Teacher

Amazing parents:

It is so important to actively participate in recognizing teachers. It is a wonderful way to foster a positive relationship between educators and families. By actively participating in recognizing teachers, parents contribute to a positive and uplifting school culture, fostering an environment where educators feel valued and motivated to continue making a difference in students' lives.

We hope we can help you to make your child's teacher know and feel that they are extra special with our special collaboration. 

You can find the special mugs here: Teacher Mugs at Mugs by Manda on Etsy, or follow/join her Facebook group Mugs by Manda

You can customize the personalized notecards here at Fun Learn Grow Co.

These are shipped from different shops, so they may not arrive on the same day, but both items have a processing time of 1-2 business days and usually arrive within 5-7 business days! They are both packaged with love! We look forward to helping you show appreciation to your child's teacher! 

Love n Blessings, Bonnie





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