Top Travel Essentials for Parents with Young Kids: Must-Have Products for Smooth Journeys

Top Travel Essentials for Parents with Young Kids: Must-Have Products for Smooth Journeys

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Traveling with kids

Embarking on a journey with young children in tow can be an adventure in itself. As seasoned parents of four explorers, we've encountered our fair share of memorable moments and learned valuable lessons along the way. In this blog post, we're excited to share some of our favorite travel essentials that have helped turn chaotic car rides and plane journeys into smooth sailing (or flying, if you will!). From must-have toys to ingenious gadgets, these recommendations are designed to keep your little ones entertained, engaged, and, most importantly, happy, no matter where your travels take you. So buckle up, fellow parents, and let's make those family adventures truly unforgettable!


Entertain for hours

One of our must-haves for traveling with kids is art supplies that they can take anywhere! One product we found was super helpful and amazing is these Magic Stix Triangular Markers! So many added benefits:

- Triangular shape for easy grip for little hands

- Comes with a perfect traveling case

- No joke...lasts 7 days with the CAP OFF! 

The last benefit we mentioned is the best! When the markers is dropped and left for days, when you finally find it, guess still works! This saves you $$$ and your sanity! Yes please!

Magic Stix Triangular Markers, perfect for traveling with kids

These will make perfect travel supplies for your kids, at no matter what age! Pair these markers with this adorable Mini Coloring Book set! Now they will be entertained and no more "are we there yet"! They can also be easily brought to grandmas, or the hotel and they can have lasting memories coloring with their loved ones! 

Exercising little hands

It is no secret, little hands do not like to sit still for long. Even a 20 minute car ride can seem like an eternity to our kids. That's where Suction Cup Construction, Building Toys come in handy for car entertainment for kids!

Suction Cup Toys for boys and girls, great for travel or in the bathtub

These are MUCH easier to remove from car windows than stickers! Oye! My kids would always put stickers on the windows. Does anyone know why?? The poor people that bought my mini-van when we sold it, they had their job cut out for them! 

BONUS: these are great for not just travel toys, but great bathtub toys! These stick to bathtub walls so well and your little one will delight in sticking and unsticking them from the walls! Lots of giggles in their future! 


If you have younger ones, these water coloring books are perfect and can be used over and over again! With the refillable water pen and "magic" pages, these coloring books come to life as your child colors with the water pen, to revea beautiful colors and scenes, to incllude alphabet, numbers, animals, and more! These were a favorite in our house for sure! If you haven't heard of these water coloring pads, take a look and let us know what you think! 

Melissa and Dough Water Wow Bundle 

Happy Traveling!

We hope these can bring you and your child joy! 

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Blessings, Bonnie from Fun Learn Grow Co.



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Brilliant ideas! Especially love the little window stickers. That will have them entertained for a good while!


Great tips! I will pass this along to clients I have traveling with kids!


These are great tips for parents traveling with little ones. The magic coloring books sound perfect for a mess free kid-friendly solution.


Great ideas! Reminds me of when my daughter was younger.


Thank you for the kind words! We love helping out families!


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