The Four Learning Styles You Should Know and Why

The Four Learning Styles You Should Know and Why


Can you imagine your child having fun learning?

Sometimes it feels like pulling teeth! Are you curious to know what makes your child excited to learn? Are you inquisitive about what style of learning helps your child retain information the best? 

Well, you are about to be able to figure that all out! It turns out, there are four, main learning styles (or preferences).

For a quick introduction to the learning styles:

Reading/Writing: prefer to process information by reading or writing the information. 

Auditory: the ability to understand/retain information that is spoken to them; given the opportunity to hear the information.

Visual: the ability to understand/retain information better with visual aids such as diagrams, charts, etc.

Kinesthetic/Hands-On: taking a physically active role in learning, while often using all of their senses: sight, touch, hear, smell, taste. 



Four Learning Styles: Reading/Writing, Auditory, Visual, and Hands-On Learning/Kinesthetic. Children often have preferred ways of learning. Once you figure out your child's preference, you can modify their school lessons to incorporate their learning style and help engage them in their learning!


What is my child's learning style?

Now, just because these are a few preferential ways to learn, doesn't mean your child needs to fall into one of these categories, specifically.  Most students fall into 1-2 of these categories.  With that said, there are also other ways that students can learn and retain information, these four are the most common preferred ways to learn new information.  

Preschoolers and kindergarteners (3-6 year olds) tend to fall in the hands-on/kinesthetic learning category. Do you notice that your child is more interested in play when it involves them using their hands? Well, there is a reason for that! Using hands to explore engages the brain and fires more of their brain's neurons...encouraging growth! 

Children ages 7-10 years old may start to develop their preferential ways to learn. Some really enjoy watching, in order to learn, i.e. watching a video, a demonstration, or a science experiment, for example. Some are engaged when they are reading the information, and some are engaged when someone is reading to them. Some kiddos just need to move and are more engaged when their whole body is involved in the learning process, such as practicing spelling while catching a ball. 

Every Child Is Different

Either way, our children learn through play: however that looks best for your child! While playing, notice when your child is most engaged: when there is reading/writing involved, or they are listening, or they are watching, or they are moving around! It is then, you will be able to specifically cater their play to their learning style and help them grow! 

Happy learning! 

P.S. If your child is between the ages 3-6 years old and learns best with hands-on learning, check out what we have here for educational toys and inspiring confidence, exploring wonder, and learning through play!



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