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Double-Sided, Early Learning Popper CVC Spelling Educational Toy

Double-Sided, Early Learning Popper CVC Spelling Educational Toy

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Introducing the Sensory Popper: A Dual-Sided Educational Toy

Unlock a world of learning and sensory delight with our innovative Sensory Popper! Designed to captivate young minds, this double-sided wonder is a powerhouse of educational fun. On each side, you'll find 30 beginner reader words, each letter nestled within its own bubble. Letters and numbers 1-10 dance around, engaging children in a dynamic play and learning experience.

Measuring an impressive 7.75" on each side, the Sensory Popper boasts vibrant primary colors that are visually striking and irresistibly appealing. Its thoughtful design isn't just visually stimulating – it's also packed with learning potential. With 120 printable (digital download) word cards included, featuring 60 colored words and 60 black-and-white for an added challenge, your child can embark on exciting word-matching adventures.

But it's not just about learning words – the Sensory Popper is an excellent tool for enhancing fine motor skills and fostering focused play. Watch as your child's concentration deepens while they interact with this tactile marvel, popping the bubbles to reveal the hidden words underneath. It's a brilliant way to develop essential skills while keeping sensory exploration at the forefront.

Elevate playtime into a world of discovery and development. Get your Sensory Popper today and give your child the gift of learning through play!

Dimensions: 7.75"

Bonus: Includes a free printable with 120 word cards. The first 60 of the cards match up to the corresponding color word and the other 60 are black and white- as your child grows, the black and white cards will give them an extra challenge! Extra bonus, there are template cards to fill in your own words for your child to seek and find!

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Carrie Punches
Pop it letters

This product is so fun! I bought this for my 2 and 4 year old boys. They love popping the letters as we practice letter recognition. We use it to practice colors and this toy is something they can grow into yet. Definitely recommend.


Fostering Connections

The loving connections between family is one of the most important factors in developing our kids' confidence!

  • So much fun!

    "These toys have helped me play with my kids and enjoy more time with them!"

    - Sarah S.

  • What a difference

    "I see such a difference in my child, as he uses his imagination playing with the play scarves!

    - Melissa T.